What’s this all about?

In July 2011 we gave this endeavour its full title – “A-to-Z Circular Urban Hiking (mainly in zone 3); with integrated urban residential camping experiment“, but we named the blog before we got that sorted. We are Feimatta, Chas, Kate and May.

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What else is this about?

Our experience of hiking in the countryside (through a kids outdoor educational charity we  all volunteer with) has shown us how much you can see and do when you’re walking. How you experience more at a slower pace, and how people are interested in what you’re up to, and often aren’t afraid to ask you about it because you’re smiling and you look a bit weird with a big pack on your back. We’ve all been offered help and support from complete strangers in these situations, but they’ve almost always been in the countryside, and when we’ve been accompanied by a bunch of kids – two factors which feel pretty influential we’ve always thought. So we wanted to give it a go out of context – learn about our own city and the people who live in it. By walking through it, doing an urban hike, we’d see if we could rely on the kindness of strangers to find our way in the unexplored areas of the city we live in!

Chas commented – I see it as a social experiment as we are also looking at people’s reactions to us asking to camp in their gardens – how we choose whose door to knock on, what their reaction is, if they let us stay do they expect anything from us or do we expect to give anything to them, will they let us light a fire, will they mind us cooking in their garden, can we go to the toilet in their garden and other such questions…

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